Bison Meat

The Harvest:

We refer to the experience as a "harvest" rather than a "hunt," because bison are not difficult to approach. They are untamed, but are not afraid of humans, and thus were nearly driven to extinction in the 19th century. Unless you wish to hunt in the Native American tradition--creeping through the grass dressed in a coyote hide, or riding along-side the stampeding herd on horseback--bison are not difficult to shoot. The trick is in shooting one particular animal as they move around within the herd.


You may harvest your bison with rifle or bow. If you would prefer our ranch hands to harvest the animal for you, that is not a problem.


Dressing Out:

After the animal is down our ranch hands will assist in dressing the carcass, or you may do it yourself. Bring 2-3 large sheets to wrap around the carcass for transporting. (old bed sheets are ideal) Your animal also comes with a large hide which some customers have tanned and turned into a beautiful (and valuable) buffalo robe.  Naturally, trophy bulls make excellent mounts, and buffalo skulls are often sold by Western decorators for hundreds of dollars.


Size of Stock Available:
Cows - weigh 1200-1400 pounds each
3 year old bulls - weigh approximately 1000 pounds
Trophy bulls - weigh approximately 2000 pounds